Guide to dismantle and disposal services in singapore
January 17, 2024

The Complete Guide to Dismantle and Disposal Services in Singapore

Dismantle and disposal services are commonly utilized in Singapore when renovating or relocating homes and offices. Skilled dismantling contractors can efficiently disassemble and remove built-in items, bulky furniture, and other unwanted fixtures. This allows for remodeling or clearing out the space. Disposal services are then used to remove the dismantled debris.

Table of Contents

  1. Common Dismantling Services
  2. Disposal of Dismantled Items
  3. Challenges with Reassembly
  4. Safety Considerations
  5. Additional Dismantling and Disposal Services
  6. Pricing Factors
  7. Planning Your Project
  8. Conclusion

Common Dismantling Services

Typical dismantling work includes:

  • Dismantling built-in cabinets, wardrobes, TV consoles, kitchen cabinets
  • Removing integrated appliances like ovens, cooktops, range hoods
  • Dismantling loft beds, wall-mounted beds, bunk beds
  • Clearing out old bulky furniture like desks, shelves, dressers
  • Dismantling and removal of light fixtures, fans, A/C units
  • Removal of flooring like tile, laminate, carpet, and underlay

Disposal of Dismantled Items

After dismantling, the contractors remove all debris offsite for proper disposal. Common disposal methods include:

  • Transporting metal materials to a scrap yard for recycling
  • Taking wood debris to a facility with incinerators
  • Bringing concrete, tiles, and rubble to construction waste sites
  • Disposing of electrical components at licensed e-waste facilities
  • Working with recycling partners to minimize waste sent to landfills

Challenges with Reassembly

Many built-in items cannot be easily reassembled after dismantling due to their customized on-site construction. Significant alterations are often needed for reinstallation.

Safety Considerations

Dismantling certain items like beds with lighting or electrical components can pose safety hazards. Using professional services instead of DIY dismantling is strongly recommended to avoid debris-related injuries.

Additional Dismantling and Disposal Services

Other common dismantle services include:

  • Dismantling and disposing office furniture, cubicles, workstations
  • Taking apart and removing modular furniture
  • Dismantling metal racks, bolt-less racks, and metal framing
  • Disassembling and disposing entertainment fixtures like pool tables, fish tanks
  • Removing and disposing modular walls, partitions, false ceilings

Pricing Factors

Factors impacting pricing include:

  • Type and size of items being dismantled
  • Complexity and labor required for dismantling
  • Disposal costs like landfill fees, recycling charges
  • Transportation fees for debris removal

Estimates are usually provided after site inspection. Request an on-site assessment from professional service provider like Hacking Singapore.

Planning Your Project

When planning dismantling and disposal, consider:

  • Draw up a list/photos of all items to be removed
  • Measure dimensions and quantities of furniture/fixtures
  • Check if built-in items have layout drawings for reference
  • Schedule shortly before removal or renovation work
  • Declutter first to streamline dismantling and reduce time/cost


Hiring professional dismantling and disposal services can minimize hassles when renovating or relocating in Singapore. With experts handling the work safely and efficiently, your project can proceed smoothly according to schedule. The debris is cleared away properly with minimal impact on the environment.

Hacking Singapore is a reinstatement, dismantling, and hacking contractor in Singapore. We provide reinstatement works and hacking services for commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

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